Gary Lucas   The Gods and Monsters album cover, and the original photo  

The album cover

Photo by Anton Corbijn

Famed rock photographer Anton Corbijn (U2, Depeche Mode, Captain Beefheart, Red Hot Chili Peppers) took this photo of Gary Lucas in the spring of 1990. He asked Gary to walk along the edge of a giant puddle along the abandoned piers of the West Village of Manhattan (where Gary makes his home). He inverted the resultant shot, and Gary's reflection in the puddle became the cover of his GODS AND MONSTERS album (1992).

The photo is featured in "Star Trak," a book of Anton's photographs published in 1996. It was first published in the Dutch music magazine OOR in the summer of 1990 and has been exhibited both upside down and right side up in various international exhibitions of Anton's photography.