Gary Lucas - "@Paradiso" Press Release

Dubbed "the guitarist of 1000 ideas" by The New York Times, and "a true axe god" by England's Melody Maker, Gary Lucas is a live performer and recording artist of the highest caliber. His list of credits and collaborations reads like a who's who of contemporary music. He has performed and recorded with the likes of Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band (as a band member on the "Ice Cream for Crow" and "Doc at the Radar Station" LPs), Lou Reed, Dr. John, John Zorn, Adrian Sherwood, The Mekons, Jeff Buckley (co-wrote and played on "Grace" and "Mojo Pin"), Joan Osborne (co-wrote and played on "Spider Web", the 1997 Grammy-nominated composition, and "Help Me"), Allen Ginsburg, Leonard Bernstein, and Future Sound of London (co-wrote and played on their new LP due out mid-1999).

A workaholic, Gary is constantly writing, performing and recording. He has been touring regularly and extensively in various European and Asian countries as well as at such high-profile events as the New York Jewish Film Festival and Toronto Jewish Film Festival, where he performed his original score for the silent German expressionist film classic "The Golem". His solo acoustic album, "Evangeline," was hailed by Rolling Stone magazine as "one of the best albums of 1997," and his most recent album, "Busy Being Born," a collection of children's songs with Jewish themes released on John Zorn's Tzadik label, was also met with similar critical acclaim.

"@Paradiso" showcases EXCLUSIVE live versions of songs recorded at Amsterdam's famed Paradiso club in 1996-1997. The EP features Lucas' trademark mix of solo guitar pyrotechnics and custom-made electronics, which provide the perfect sonic backdrop for an eclectic mix of songs. "Rise Up to Be" is a Lucas original (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED in any format) that eventually became the backing instrumental to Jeff Buckley's "Grace". "Bra Joe from Kilimanjaro," on the other hand, is a twisted electronics meet heavy-metal cover of the Dollar Brand Afro-jazz classic. Kraftwerk's anthem "Autobahn" gets a similar atmospheric electronic workout. Lastly, "The Songstress on the Edge of Heaven," a Chinese pop standard, was recorded to reflect Lucas' longtime fascination with Asian pop culture. A studio version of this song was also included on "Evangeline".