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  1. The Judgement At Midnight
  2. Prime Time
  3. Breath of Bones
  4. The Diabolical Principle
  5. Rosemary's Baby
  6. Procuress From Karmelitska Street
  7. And You Will
  8. Real Horrorshow
  9. Hugh's Graveyard Stomp Revisited
  10. Rise Up To Be
  11. Ted's Theme
  12. Aguirre (Lacrime di Re)/The Sheep Look Up
  13. Charm Offensive
  14. The Judgement At Midnight (Grid Remix)
Gary performs on National steel, electric guitar, acoustic guitars and fx throughout

co-wrote "The Judgement at Midnight", "Prime Time", "The Diabolical Principle", "Real Horrorshow", "Hugh's Graveyard Stomp Revisited", and "Charm Offensive"

wrote all remaining tracks except "Rosemary's Baby" (Komeda)

Produced by Gary Lucas and J.R. Hunter