1. The Animal Flesh Comes Creeping Back  Windows Media sample | RealAudio sample
  2. Evangeline  Windows Media sample | RealAudio sample | WAV sample | words
  3. Wedding March (Wagner)  Windows Media sample | RealAudio sample
  4. The Wall (San Min)  Windows Media sample | RealAudio sample
  5. Apismatisin'  Windows Media sample | RealAudio sample | words
  6. Overture to "Tannhauser" (Wagner)  Windows Media sample
  7. Sail Up  Windows Media sample | words
  8. Ah Feel Like Ah Syd  Windows Media sample
  9. The Songstress on the Edge of Heaven (He Lu Ding)  Windows Media sample
  10. A Wandering Minstrel Eye  Windows Media sample
  11. Police Dog Blues ('Blind' Arthur Blake)  Windows Media sample
  12. The Animal Flesh {slight return}  Windows Media sample
  13. "Judgment at Midnight" Suite  Windows Media sample
  14. Interstellar Low Ways (Sun Ra)  Windows Media sample
  15. Cool Hand Luke (Lalo Schifrin)  Windows Media sample
All songs written and performed (Solo Acoustic Guitars) by Gary Lucas except where noted.

Produced and arranged by Gary Lucas.
Recorded by Tim Kalliches, Joe Saba and Stewart Winter, Robert Jacobson, James McLean, Fred Reed and Gary Lucas.
Photo of Gary Lucas by Andre Grossmann.


Trust in her
You must endure
The seasons ever changing
Face the frost
The hollow cost
Of lives spent rearranging

Evening bells
And wishing wells
The one who won't need naming
Evangeline comes claiming

I can see her
Fair face sure
As you can spy the sparrow
Swiftly now
She turns and bows
And flies straight as the arrow

Dusky dells
And private hells
Evangeline comes claiming
Brings forth her gentle raining


Now leaves do fall
And through it all
She constantly keeps burning
Within her gaze
The sun's own rays
Now keeps my head from turning

When you think
You know it all
Evangeline discerning
Brings forth her gentle learning



© 9/30/94 words and music by Gary Lucas
from the Gary Lucas album Evangeline

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He lit a match and flaming
Went up the chimney claiming
To be it, it didn't fit
The revenuers came aiming
Flying on wings exclaiming
Shepherd and flock all aiming
To get saved, but the road is paved
With much defaming

You ain't arrived till you've jived with the sinners
And break the ranks of the army of winners
Apismatisin' once more
And this is what you pay for
A life free of strife
In the God corps

Davidian and driven
On wings of song and women
All did throng to right the wrongs
That others had given
All things to all the people
This is the church and steeple
Choose to find that humankind
aren't always that feeble

Pie in the sky's just the mote in God's eye
So live for a kiss and then die for a sigh
Apizmatisin' once more
And this is what you pay for
The way of all flesh
In the ever more

O Hosanna
Don't you cry for me
Sic transit gloria mundi
Nearer my God than thee

Koresh will always shine through
Your flesh or mine will do
So fine the line
To cross the wine
Tastes slightly of mildew

(repeat first verse)

© 1994 words and music by Gary Lucas
from the Gary Lucas album Evangeline

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Heaven's where we fly
When we get our sail up
blown across the sky
movin' with our tail up

Know no reason why
We just always fail up
Singing out on high
When we get our sail up

Pinned to the reality map
better get your sail up
Overrun by rats
Get a full force gale up

Ignorant and fat
Just you drive that nail up
Nine ways to skin the cat
Now's the time to sail up

(repeat first verse)

© words and music by Gary Lucas
from the Gary Lucas album Evangeline

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