1. Coming Clean - vocal Gary Lucas  RealAudio Sample | MP3 Sample
  2. And the Ass Saw the Angel (Cave/Lucas) - vocal Nick Cave  RealAudio Sample
  3. Spider Web (Lucas/Osborne/Chertoff/Palmaro/Merendino) - vocal David Johansen  RealAudio Sample | MP3 Sample
  4. Dulce (Lucas/Medeiros) - vocal Elli Medeiros  RealAudio Sample
  5. Flavour Bud Living (Van Vliet) - instrumental  RealAudio Sample
  6. Her Eyes are a Blue Million Miles (Van Vliet) - vocal Captain Beefheart  MP3 sample
  7. In a Forest - vocal Gary Lucas  MP3 sample | words
  8. Judgement at Midnight (Lucas/Winter/Saba) - instrumental  MP3 sample
  9. Judgement (Reverend Sister Mary Nelson) - vocal Eric Mingus  MP3 sample
  10. Oat Hate (Van Vliet) - instrumental  MP3 sample
  11. Follow - vocal Richard Barone  MP3 sample
  12. Astro Boy (trad., arr. by Gary and Peter) - vocal Peter Stampfel & Gary Lucas  MP3 sample
  13. Indian War Whoop (trad., arr. by Gary Lucas) - instrumental  RealAudio Sample | MP3 Sample
  14. She Was Showing Me (Lucas/Haines) - vocal Mary Margaret O'Hara  MP3 sample
  15. Ted's Theme (Lucas/Winter/Saba) - instrumental  MP3 sample
  16. Golgotha (Lucas/Miller) - instrumental, featuring DJ Spooky  MP3 sample
  17. Breath of Bones - vocal Gary Lucas, featuring Gods and Monsters  MP3 sample
  18. Listen, You Who Dare/Improve the Shining Hour (Fricke/Lucas) - instrumental  MP3 sample
All songs written by Gary Lucas except where noted.

Produced and arranged by Gary Lucas.


Enter the darkened glade 
and rest your head beneath the shade 
of a leafy tree 
beckons to You and Me 
then fill your senses full of wonder 
flee the picket fences 
in a misty wood 
will do your heart quite 

Cast the runes, sing the tunes 
You always knew 
Flee your home, free to roam 
wherever your heart beckons you 
set it spinnin' 

Feel the morning dew 
a carpet underneath your shoes 
droplets glistening 
a rainbow christening 
breathe in the forest clean 
a sun-lit dance as 
all turns green 
you cannot take it with you 
you have to start 

Once again 
Heaven sends 
You rushin' back 
find nothing's died,seek and hide 
and lock this love up 
deep inside your heart 

words and music by Gary Lucas
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