1. My Human Gets Me Blues  Windows Media sample | RealAudio sample
  2. Click Clack  Windows Media sample | RealAudio sample
  3. Abba Zaba  Windows Media sample | RealAudio sample
  4. I'm Gonna Booglarize You Baby  Windows Media sample
  5. Sun Zoom Spark  Windows Media sample | RealAudio sample
  6. Alice In Blunderland  Windows Media sample | RealAudio sample
  7. Steal Softly Thru Snow  Windows Media sample
  8. Dropout Boogie  Windows Media sample
  9. Moonlight On Vermont  Windows Media sample
  10. Circumstances  Windows Media sample
  11. On Tomorrow  Windows Media sample
  12. The Floppy Boot Stomp  Windows Media sample
  13. Hair Pie  Windows Media sample
  14. Nowadays A Woman's Gotta Hit A Man  Windows Media sample
  15. When It Blows Its Stacks  Windows Media sample
  16. I Wanna Find A Woman That'll Hold My Big Toe Till I Have To Go  Windows Media sample  [into...]
  17. Sure 'Nuff 'N Yes I Do (bonus track)
All songs written by Don Van Vliet, except "Sure 'Nuff 'N Yes I Do" written by Don Van Vliet and Herb Bermann.

Co-Produced by John French and Bob Weston

Front & back cover photographs by Gary Lucas
Magic Band portraits by Tim Sutton
Sleeve designed by Ben Drury. Concept by John French & The Magic Band

Thank you: Don Van Vliet, Jan Van Vliet, Frank Zappa, Bob Krasnow, Barry Hogan, Elaine Shepherd, Tim Sutton, Matt Groening, Bob Weston, Helen Cottage, John and Pam Sweeney, Henry Kaiser (for the CDs), Denny McKinney and Standel, Robert Williams, Steve Nootenboom, Dean Blackwood.

"True Beefheart believers, rejoice! When you hear these brand-new Magic Band recordings of their classic songs, you're gonna be booglarized baby! The music is as brilliant and complex and exhilarating as ever, and the Magic Band-John "Drumbo" French on drums and vocals, Mark "Rockette Morton" on bass, and Gary "Mantis" Lucas and Denny "Feelers Rebo" Walley on guitars-will astound you with song after song of exuberant virtuosity.

Let's face it: we've been pummelled into numbness by the pedestrian rhythmic drudgery of 99% of all rock music of the last 20 years. That's why it's such a relief to hear new versions of "My Human Gets Me Blues", "Sun Zoom Spark", "Moonlight on Vermont" and all the rest-entangled, interlocking compositions which are still amazing in their avant-garde, delta-blues originality.

And to think that these recordings are just live-to-tape rehearsals -- simply unbelievable!"

Matt Groening