1. Strong Seed  Windows Media sample
  2. Guerillas in the Midst  Windows Media sample
  3. Robert's Johnson  Windows Media sample
  4. Hard Werken Fucked Over Man/The Reckoning  Windows Media sample
  5. Hugh's Graveyard Stomp  Windows Media sample
  6. Hitchcocked (including "Vertigo" and "Psycho") (Herrmann)  WAV sample | Windows Media sample
  7. Tompkins Square Dance  Windows Media sample
  8. Christmas in Space Medley: Bells/Little Drummer Boyee/Are You Experienced? (trad., arr. Lucas/Hendrix)  Windows Media sample
  9. Aguirre (Lacrime Di Re)/The Sheep Look Up (Fricke/Lucas)  Windows Media sample
  10. Scud Patrol/Flux et Veritas  Windows Media sample
  11. Syd's Dream  Windows Media sample
  12. Music for "The Golem" (Lucas/Horn), with Walter Horn - Keyboards:
    1. Main Title--Rabbi Loew Consults the Stars/The Decree  Windows Media sample
    2. The Junker and the Jewess  WAV sample | Windows Media sample
    3. Creation of the Clay Man/Astaroth  Windows Media sample
    4. The Golem walks with Famulus, Der Bose Juden-Jungling  WAV sample | Windows Media sample
    5. The Festival of the Roses  Windows Media sample
    6. In the Synagogue/The Vision of the Patriarchs  Windows Media sample
    7. Go Go Golem

All songs written and performed (Solo Guitars) by Gary Lucas except where noted.
Absolutely no overdubs, all tracks recorded live.
Produced and arranged by Gary Lucas.
Cover photo by Marion Rosendahl.