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Image for Gary Lucas' "Frankenstein" score world premiere at United Palace Theatre in Harlem NY Halloween 10/31/14
photo montage by Caroline Conejero

Gary rocks Austin's Alamo Drafthouse Mueller with his live score for "Frankenstein" Halloween 2017

"Frankenstein" show at AFI Silver Theatre 2/27/15
photo by John Paige

At AFI Silver Theatre in Silver Spring Maryland for 'Frankenstein' performance 2/26/15

UK premiere of Gary's live solo score for James Whale's "Frankenstein" (1931) as part of Artist in Residency Liverpool Philharmonic Hall 11/27/15

On Oct. 31st 2014—and it being Halloween, what an appropriate Night for it—

GARY LUCAS performed at the United Palace Theatre in Harlem NYC (175th St. and Broadway) the world premiere of his new live solo guitar score accompanying the classic 1931 James Whale-directed 
starring the great Boris Karloff in his break-out role as The Monster, Colin Clive as Dr. Victor Frankenstein, and creepy Dwight Frye as Fritz, Frankenstein's deranged hunchbacked assistant.

Commissioned by United Palace Theater chief programmer Mike Fitelson

The premiere was chosen as a Pick in the New York Daily News!!

This adds yet another macabre classic to Gary Lucas' arsenal of live solo guitar scores accompanying both silent and sound fantastic cinema.

Like its stablemate Spanish "Dracula", which Gary performed last year in UPT's sumptuous historic art-deco "wonder theater", this spectacular early sound shocker is virtually music-free—

Gary provides the outre underscore throughout, with a combination of composed themes and wild flights of improvisational sonic wizardry, to better enhance the spectral mise-en-scene.
"Gary Lucas's haunting score for James Whale’s Frankenstein wowed the Halloween night crowd at Washington Heights’s United Palace Theater. His plangent guitar is the perfect accompaniment to Whale’s classic example of Hollywood expressionism." —Richard Porton, editor of "Cineaste" magazine, writer for The Daily Beast, author of "Film and the Anarchist Imagination" (Verso) "James Whale's classic FRANKENSTEIN stands on its own two feet, but guitarist Gary Lucas's electric augmentation of the 1931 film lends it a charged atmosphere and added juice." —Todd Hitchcock, head programmer AFI Silver Theatre Silver Spring MD "If his father was Frankenstein and his mother was the lightning, as the Universal classics say, then Gary Lucas and his guitar provides the electricity in these live, improvised performances, played in tandem with the James Whale classic. This is the sort of entertainment people should be booking at horror and music conventions - here's to a new world of Gods and Monsters!" —Tim Lucas, author of "Mario Bava: All the Colors of the Dark" and editor of "Video Watchdog"
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Premiere of Gary Lucas' "Frankenstein" live score at United Palace Theatre in Harlem Halloween 10/31/14
photo by Phil Mango
"It's Alive!" premiere of Gary Lucas' "Frankenstein" at United Palace Theatre NYC 10/31/14
photo by Phil Mango
"Frankenstein" show at AFI Silver Theatre 2/27/15
photo by John Paige
"Frankenstein" show at AFI Silver Theatre 2/27/15
photo by John Paige  

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