Read a letter that arrived on Christmas from Italian fan Giovan Battsta D'Achille about Gary's new book "Touched by Grace":

Hey man, a friend gave me your book "Touched by Grace" for Christmas, I began to read, appreciate your relentless sincerity! It's so interesting to discover the circumstances that led to a piece of music to be born, to influence our lives and the lives of those who listen, nothing is random...I'm realizing that behind your words, there is also the part of the suffering that always accompanies the creative process, so to honor your talent, you would not be able to stay at CBS; the challenge is a sacred territory for artists, you needed of this: take up the challenge. Jeff, with his natural strength came in just at the right time. Maybe they have understood what was missing in your life and what you wanted to achieve. When two talents come together and work together, it ignites a spark of work out of time. You were diamonds thrown in the mud of business .. I don't know if in English sounds good, but this is my sensation... again best wishes for U, Gary. Thanks for to share your experience.. is important. Gio