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The end

Thursday, July 2. Last day of festival. We started early with a lunch between the jury to give our votes and we the winners of the festival, which would be announced at the closing session, at 19h. So without further ado, the winners:

Iberoamerican Competition:

Winner: "Mangue Negro 'by Rodrigo Aragón

Honorable Mention: "display" of Paco Cabezas

International Competition:

Winner: "Eden Log" from Franck Vestiel

Honorable Mention: "Let It Enter" from Tomas Alfredson

And believe me, were not easy or unanimous decision, but in the end we reached a consensus ... The winners, our congratulations!

Then the announcement of the awards, the public can enjoy the projection of the expressionist classic "The Golem" by Carl Boese, with soundtrack designed by New York guitarist Gary Lucas, performed live in the reserve room of the Cultural. This session crowded, Gary Lucas has a new-style music to the film, with contemporary arrangements of folk influence clearly. For those who are wondering if it was good: yes, it was very good!

I only hope left for the second edition of the festival. Of public and critical success, I can only thank the directors of the festival, all involved in the production and my fellow jurors on the success of the festival. To all my deepest and sincere thanks and look forward to Reencontrá them in the next edition!

 Written by Tauffenbach to 17h42