Gary is a smash at the Grammy Museum LA's "Great Guitar Series", 7/20/11

Julie Blore-Bizot
It was a pleasure and a privilege to witness guitar god and musical monster Gary Lucas at The Grammy Museum. The evening began with a fascinating interview of an insatiably curious innovator with the wisdom to not take himself too seriously.

The interview was followed by a short set that left me completely exhilarated. The journey went from acoustic to electric and from Latin America to China with some significant detours through blues territory and frequent excursions to realms of the universe yet unexplored. At times, a 6-string somehow sounded like a 12-string, and had I not witnessed it with my own eyes from a few feet away with no possibility for artifice or trickery, I would not have believed that what I heard was being produced by a single man with a solo guitar.

It was astonishing, mind-blowing and genre-bending in the best of ways. I have no desire to put a label on it, but if I did, I guess Genius might be adequate. Go see him. Goosebumps guaranteed.