25 Julho 2009
Fantastic Film Festival shows the success of gender
Priscilla DAVANZO 
In the last two weeks probably the fact that more was reported in the media was the death of pop idol Michael Jackson, but what really shake the Avenida Paulista was SPTerror which began on the day of death of Jacko [no coincidence, of course, but the organizers of the festival to release a few words about the shy star at the opening of the Festival] with pesença of Jose Mojica Marins, the Coffin Joe's, and ended last Thursday in day 2 with a racket in the very watered Casillero del Diablo and Gary Lucas. 

For the film festival went really good [as the "Halloween" from Rob Zombie in the opening], pretty [as the Swedish "Let it go"], classic [as "The Golem" by Carl Boese], fun [as assanhado "Pervert! "] and great [as the incredible" The Giant of Japan "].It was curated by a competent and well organized, certainly, and the warmth of avompanhada Cultural Reserve. 

The closing of the festival was resounding: "The Golem" was submitted to the monitoring of the magnificent Gary Lucas who made a wonderful soundtrack, full of passages of folk and traditional rock'n'roll [your basic equipment was an electric guitar, a guitar, pedals and modulators] and at the afterparty, which remained in the very spirit of very heady wine, Gary Lucas presented a wonderful pocket show where the theme of the track that he designed for the film is mixed Boese-like with his changes and new melodies. Hi Fi and perfect for closing one of the best festivals [not hastily] of the year: fan-tas-ti-co! 

SPTerror: International Festival of Fantastic Film 
Iberoamerican Competition: 
Winner: "Mangue Negro 'by Rodrigo Aragón 
Honorable Mention: "display" of Paco Cabezas 
International Competition: 
Winner: "Eden Log" from Franck Vestiel 
Honorable Mention: "Let It Enter" from Tomas Alfredson 

Priscilla Davanzo is plastic artist, videomaker and critic of film, art and music. 
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