review of Jeff Buckley - "You and I"
4.0 out of 5 stars Like having him in the room with you
By William J. Feuer on March 13, 2016
Format: Audio CD

First of all, I gave this 4 stars because if this was 5, what would Grace be? 6? 8? 93? Who wasn't blown away by Grace? Anyone? Following its release Buckley toured for 3 years and then he was gone. An increasing proliferation of recorded concert dates and radio interviews and such have become available on youtube and so forth. And they've all given us some experience of Buckley but often the quality has been poor. While these tracks are just "demos", they were legit studio recordings and the quality is good. And they are SO intimate, it's like having him in the room with you. What I miss are the complex arrangements and Gary Lucas's guitar contributions on Grace. And of course it gives us no insight at all into what he might have produced if he hadn't gone for that evening swim (his band was supposed to arrive to begin recording the Next Day, I think), but it's Buckley and it's good, very good, Turn it up loud.