Producer Steve Addabbo (Jeff Buckley's "You and I") on TOUCHED BY GRACE:
I just finished reading your book...I was completely engrossed and mesmerized by it. Great job!
Your book is such an honest inside look at a side of Jeff that never gets mentioned in all the posthumous glorification of a kid that got in over his head and never had the time to figure out what he had to say. I think you played such a major role in helping him in that treacherous journey that he couldn't see you were probably one of the few honest and trustworthy souls to cross his path.
The book touched me deeply, I only knew Jeff superficially as his engineer for three days and seeing him at Sine'. I was lucky to see him before the pressure of the major label world without a hit single took its toll.
I am glad you were able to write the book, It must have been quite a journey.
I am truly in awe...
Good luck with the new album with Jann,
Steve Addabbo
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