Moors Magazine (Netherlands), January 2008

Review of Gary Lucas & Gerald Zbinden - Down The Rabbit Hole

On the cover of the album "Down The Rabbit Hole" by the two virtuoso guitarists Gary Lucas and Gerald Zbinden it is expressly stated that the album was recorded live in the studio without overdubs. That is certainly not an over- statement, because both men know how to weave soundscapes, and together produce sound so sophisticated, so unusual and strange from their guitars and electronic effects that they magically transport you without the aid of overdubs.

Gary Lucas plays acoustic and electric guitar, steel guitar and electronics, and Gerald Zbinden hollow body guitar and electronics, and three numbers are assisted by the smooth jazz drummer Marcel Papaux. The CD was recorded in Switzerland in Lausanne. All unnecessary information that you immediately forget when you listen to the music, because this is a musical journey where you forget everything and your mouth is open listening to a sound carpet, a soundscape that from beginning to end remains unheard and exciting. The music is improvised, sure, but it is certainly not endlessly repetitive and posturing, these two men are simply too strong. Their guitars conduct a conversation with each other that is never boring.

No free display of virtuosity here, but ingenious combinations of the finest abstract compositions recorded. But it is a bit like art -- lovers of drawings with a story often cannot appreciate abstract art, devotees of love songs often do not gravitate to instrumental, abstract music. But if you do, this album is an absolute must.