Gary Lucas   Don Van Vliet Artwork  
  "Angel and Blonde Woman"

Signed "Van Vliet 80"

Black and Yellow Markers and Purple Crayon on paper in frame

Drawing measures 16 3/4" x 13 3/4"

Don sketched this drawing during the "Doc at the Radar Station" recording sessions at Soundcastle Recording Studio in Glendale Ca. in spring 1980, when I recorded "Flavor Bud Living".
I flew out there specifically to record that track for him, working on the piece for months in NYC. I took a taxi directly from the airport to the studio and was hustled immediately into the studio by Don, to record it in one take. I wound up staying out there for a few days, hanging out with his band, cousin, friends and engineer Glenn Kolotkin. It was really the beginning of my career, as the reviews of my performance when the album came out put me on the musical map. Don gave me this beauty plus a couple of smaller drawings on stationary and on a napkin during the session.