Gary Lucas   Don Van Vliet Artwork  
  "Reflection in a Taxi Mirror"

Inscribed to my parents "Murry And Adele Brunch The Best Don"

Signed "Van Vliet August — 82"

Black marker on paper in frame

Drawing measures 13 5/8" x 10 5/8"

In August 1982 Don Van Vliet traveled to NYC to help edit the video for the title track of our final album, "Ice Cream for Crow", which we had shot in the Mojave Desert near his trailer that summer (and which was to go on to be rejected by MTV, finding a place instead in the Museum of Modern Art's permanent collection), and also to give interviews to help promote the imminent release of our album on Virgin/Epic Records. Ensconced by Epic in his favorite NYC haunt, the Gramercy Park Hotel, Don's visit to NYC coincided with a visit by my parents Adele and Murray Lucas, who had come down from Syracuse to visit me and my sister Bonnie. My parents wanted to meet Don, and insisted on taking us out to dinner near Don's hotel. This drawing was sketched in the rear of the taxi bringing Don and I to meet my folks, and shows Don's reflection in the taxi mirror as well as a trinket hanging off the mirror and a miniature doll figurine of a race-track jockey glued to the cabbie's dashboard. Don presented this drawing to my parents and inscribed it for them as a token of thanks for picking up the tab at the conclusion of our meal. Although he misspelled my Dad's name, he told him "I love the name 'Murray'!" when he met them.