Gary Lucas  
From Prof. Chris Opperman on Gary's Masterclass for his students at Rutgers School of Music 4/8/14:

Gary Lucas came to visit my Business of Music Class at Mason Gross School of the Arts/Rutgers University for the second time in April, 2014, and it was a great educational experience for everyone involved.  His vast and eclectic real world experiences in the music industry were of great benefit to my students, and proved to be very eye-opening for most of them, who were inspired by the visit.  Probably the best lesson that the students took with them was that a creative career, not unlike life, is a series of peaks and valleys, as opposed to a steady upward line.  Also, I'd be remiss not to mention that Gary can play the holy hell out of his guitar, even as early as 9am!  I definitely recommend Gary as a guest lecturer/performer as I believe that all Music majors could benefit from his stories in his musical life.
Quotes from students:

"What showed through every story was his passion for music as an art and as a means of expression."

"If I were to take a single message from the whole presentation, it would be that if you have a dream, follow it."

"His guitar playing and compositions were unlike anything else I have heard before. He is truly unique."

"He has some great ideas about life and music, and I really benefitted from hearing his story about how he became who he is today."

Christopher D. Opperman, M.A.
Professor - Music Composition/Music Business
Mason Gross School of the Arts
Rutgers University
New Brunswick, NJ