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Gary contributes a page-long Epiphany to the February 2002 issue of The Wire, Britian's influential cutting-edge music magazine: an appreciation of the music of the late Popol Vuh founder, Florian Fricke.

Fricke's music has been a big influence on Gary ever since he first heard it on the soundtrack to Werner Herzog's amazing cinematic odyssey "Aguirre—The Wrath of God", starring one of Gary's heroes Klau Kinski. In fact, Gary covered both the Aguirre music on his first solo album on Enemy, "Skeleton at the Feast", as well as Florian Fricke's theme from Herzog's "Nosferatu" remake, entitled "Listen, You Who Dare", on his "Improve the Shining Hour" 20-year rarities retrospective on Knitting Factory Works. He recorded both Fricke compositions on solo electronic guitar in an absolute trance in his apartment in NYC, circa 1991.

Gary mourns the passing of Florian Fricke, who died suddenly shortly after Christmas this year in his home in Munich—a true musical visionary, New Age music pioneer on nearly 30 Popol Vuh albums, and composer of some of the most indelible film music ever committed to celluloid—his music for Werner Herzog's films is immortal, and in Gary's words, "blurs the boundaries of time/space".