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10 Year Anniversary of Gary's solo debut this June

This June marks the tenth anniversary of Gary's solo debut performance at New York's Knitting Factory, the gig which launched his solo career. As Gary remembers it, despite the Knitting Factory accidentally leaving Gary's gig listing out of their weekly Village Voice ad, the show was absolutely sold-out (and his friends Mathew Sweet, Tackhead's Skip McDonald and Keith Leblanc denied admission due to the densely packed house) and a blistering success.

After rocking the Knit that night, Gary vowed to continue solo, having tasted the thrill of moving hundreds of people all by his lonesome (not to mention multiple encores). The following month Gary returned to the scene of the crime in a return engagement during the 1988 New Music Seminar, and this time garnered a rave review in The New York Times from Peter Watrous ("Guitarist of 1,000 Ideas" was the headline). Several months later he was invited to play at the 1988 Berlin Jazzfest, along with John Zorn's Naked City and other NYC luminaries, and repeated his solo triumph in a gig that launched his European solo performing career ("It is Lucas!" was the headline in the Berlin Morgenpost). And the rest is history, still being made....