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Gary Scores Two New Documentaries

Gary just completed 2 new original music scores for two independent documentaries—Emmy award-winner Slawomir Grunberg's "Bed and Breakfast Guestbook—9/11" and Judd Ehrlich's "Mayor of the West Side".

The former is a 20 minute conceptual film composed of multiple first-hand recollections of the 9/11 tragedy, filmed at an upstate New York bed and breakfast holiday retreat, featuring interviews with a wide assortment of visitors recounting their impressions, and scored to an eerie oracular electronic guitar fantasia by Gary.

The latter is a 40 minute coming-of-age meditation on the life of Mark Puddington, a teenager with multiple disabilities and a local celebrity in his New York City neighborhood, and features Gary's original acoustic and electric solo guitar compositions composed for the documentary. "Mayor of the West Side", directed by first-time documentary maker Judd Ehrlich, was called "an extraordinary compelling and deeply moving human drama" by famed documentary maker Ric Burns ("Jazz", "The Civil War") and premieres on Saturday April 12th at the BAM Jewish Film Fest (see calendar, and Film Scores in the Discography section, for more info).

"Bed and Breakfast Guestbook—9/11" will have its premiere on Monday April 21st at the Bare Bones International Film Festival, Oklahoma. See Film Scores in Gary's Discography section for more info.