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Back in the Studio with Future Sound of London

Two days after Meltdown, Gary was invited to work once more with Gary Cobain and Brian Dougans, better known as Future Sound of London, in their new penthouse studio in East London. The boys are still hard at work on their upcoming Virgin Records album, and Gary contributed to several amazing new songs and tracks for the release. He also heard mixes of several songs he had contributed to previously a year or so ago, and from all reports the FSOL magnum opus is shaping up to be an incredible psychedelic rip, Gary commenting that he's never heard anything quite as extraordinary sonically in years. Imagine the classic 1969 White Noise album some 30 years on and you only have the faintest inkling of what these sound supremos are up to...release is now scheduled for early 2000, with a possible single out this year.