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In the spirit of Holiday Giving, Gary herein offers a blast from the past in the form of this nifty little version of "I CAN ONLY GIVE YOU EVERYTHING", the proto-punk anthem originally recorded by Van Morrison's Them, and later Chicago 60s punk band The Little Boy Blues.

The version here was recorded back in 1983 by THE FAKES, comprising Gary Lucas on guitar, producer extraordinaire David Witz on vocals, Doug "Double Dee" DiFranco on bass (of Double Dee and Steinski fame), and John Klett on drums (a member of Portrait Records group The Hawaiian Pups). THE FAKES sped up the original Little Boy Blues 45, dubbed it to one track of a four-track machine(!) and dubbed their parts over it individually—then erased the original (kind of like rotoscoping). They did a lot of the parts standing on the roof of Clack Studios in NYC—the airy cavern between the skyscrapers of midtown makes an excellent natural reverb chamber. Gary remembers the session fondly and says: "One of my best off-the-wall guitar solos!" (Literally).

Now, experience the power and the glory of THE FAKES—LIVE! (well, sort of...)