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New Lucas Album to be Released

A new live 4 song EP showcasing Gary's electric side is due on February 2, 1999 worldwide on Oxygen Music Works, entitled "Gary Lucas @ Paradiso". The album was recorded at Gary's favorite European venue, the old Dutch church known as the Paradiso, site of many historic concerts by legendary artists such as the Stones, the Velvet Underground, and many other greats. Gary has had the honor of playing there 9 times in his career beginning with Captain Beefheart in 1980 and moving to headlining solo status in 1992.

The new CD features Gary's unique electronic symphonic playing on his original music instrumental composition "Rise Up to Be" which became the basis for the song "Grace" which he co-wrote with the late Jeff Buckley; as well as Lucas perennial concert classics "Bra Joe from Kilimanjaro", Kraftwerk's "Autobahn", and a furious steel guitar workout on "The Songstress on the Edge of Heaven".

Unofficial copies of the EP are already circulating and have been played on London's KISS FM, as well as being mixed into the live concert performances of DJ Riz Maslen (Neotropic), with whom Gary has recorded as Jet Stream Tokyo.