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Gary's Travels in Europe—"The Golem" in Italy and FSOL in London

Gary just returned from a whirlwind week in Europe. First stop was a stellar solo performance of "The Golem" in Florence Italy before a crowd of 600 enthusiastic fans at the venerable Teatro Verdi. Sharing the bill was Gary's buddy John Zorn with his guest Mike Patton, and Phillip Johnson's Transparent Quartet. Thanks to Enrico Romero and Cinzia Sanfilippo for their warm hospitality in hooking up this dream gig (not to mention Roberta Andreucci and the good folks at City Lights Festival!).

Next stop was the fair city of London and Earthbeat Studios, home of Garry Cobain and Brian Dougans, the dynamic duo comprising Future Sounds of London, top Virgin Records electronica act. Gary had already recorded with them over Christmas and was brought back for an intensive 3 days in the studio, where he contributed maximum guitar and collaborated on many tracks in progress for the upcoming new album from FSOL, scheduled for release at year's end. Gary reports a distinct psychedelic rock feel to many of the new songs, and has been raving about the overall FSOL good vibe to all and sundry. This includes The Wire's Mike Barnes, who interviewed Gary for an overview on his career to date for an upcoming feature in the progressive music magazine. Stay tuned for future developments!