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"Gary Lucas and Golem" Installed at Jewish Museum

NYC's prestigious Jewish Museum has accepted director Peter Braatz's half hour film made for Slovenian TV, "Gary Lucas and Golem", for permanent installation in their film and video collection. Made in Ljubljana at the Slovenska Kinoteka (under the auspices of culture maven Miha Zadnikar) last January at a sold-out Lucas/Golem show where Gary worked with the fantastic tinted "restored" Golem (courtesy of the Munich Film Archive), the film features interviews with Lucas intercut with scenes of his Golem performance and after-show special solo concert, with healthy chunks of music from both the score and work as of yet unrepresented on a Lucas album (including his tour de force "It's Like a Wheel/Amazing Grace"). This is the special short version of the film—there is a director's cut running one and a half hours long! The film was shown to much acclaim while Gary was in Ljbljana this October performing at the KUD, on the big screen of the club after his acoustic show and on Slovenian tv several times over that weekend.