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Gary Contributes a Song to Protest-Records.Com

Gary recently submitted an MP3 of his track "Whip Named Lash" (taken from his "Gods and Monsters" album and "Level the Playing Field" compilation) to Thurston Moore's protest song website,, where it's currently up in the Vol. 3 section, alongside tracks by the Beastie Boys, DJ Spooky, Cat Power, Sonic Youth, Jim O' Rourke, Mike Watt, Chumbawamba, Allen Ginsberg and other artists.

"Whip Named Lash", featuring Gods and Monsters mark II (Rolo McGinty - vocals, Tony "Thunder" Smith - drums, Jared Michael Nickerson - bass, Michael Blair - percussion, GL - 12 string and electric guitars), was written by Gary specifically to protest the first Gulf War in 1991. He deems it just as relevant today as it was a dozen years ago.