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Gary Slays A Sold-Out South Street Seaport/Jams With Bob Weir And Rob Wasserman

On a hot and humid Tuesday evening, June 8th 1999, Gary opened the Bell Atlantic Jazz Festival's South Street Seaport gig with an incendiary solo show in the upstairs Atrium before a sold-out crowd of 1500—the largest audience he's ever played to before live—on a bill featuring Johnny Winter and the Bob Weir/Rob Wasserman Trio.

Just back from the Knitting Factory's European JAM Tour which took him to Germany and Holland, Gary was introduced by Knit Fac major domo Michael Dorf, and he was off on a wild solo spree which encompassed "King Strong", "Let'sGo Swimming", "Police Dog Blues", "The Nightmare of History", "Rise Up to Be", and "One Man's Meat", the crowd screaming in ecstasy at the end of each tune.

Gary returned as special guest of the headliners, the great Bob Weir/Rob Wasserman Trio, to jam unrehearsed on acoustic slide with them for four numbers: "K.C. Moan", "City Girls", "Fever" and "El Paso", and received an ovation from the crowd and smiles from Bob and Rob. Lucas was joined onstage for the last 3 numbers by accordion whiz Jimmy Mack of local heroes Loup Garou. And a splendid time was had by all...certainly a very high point in Lucas' very active performing schedule.

Next up: Gary in London at the Royal Festival Hall by way of East St. Louis.