Gary Lucas   press quotes  

Songs to No One FOR SONGS TO NO ONE 1991-1992 (with Jeff Buckley):

"'Songs to No One' is priceless."
NME (UK), 10/02

"Buckley and Lucas gracefully dance between sacred tradition and musical adventure...a premonition of greatness."
Rolling Stone, 10/02

"THE PAGE AND PLANT OF THE EAST VILLAGE....BUCKLEY AND LUCAS ELECTRIFIED NEW YORK CROWDS WITH THEIR FEARLESS SPINS THROUGH GREGORIAN PSYCHEDELIA, HAUNTED BRIT-FOLK, FREE-JAZZ ROMP AND SCRAPED-BONE BLUES...Lucas reiterated his mettle as a bold sympathetic guitarist, weaving loops of riff, scream and church-bell harmonics around Buckley like a crystal blanket."
Mojo (UK), 11/02

"TWO ARTS BEAT AS ONE...MYSTERY WHITE BOY'S EARLY COLLABORATIONS WITH THE GUITARIST CAPTAIN BEEFHEART CALLED 'GENIUS'...Lucas' astonishing, febrile guitar-playing is a perfect expressive counterpoint to Buckey's untethered vocals."
Uncut (UK), 11/01

"THEY DISPLAY A REMARKABLE COLLABORATIVE CHEMISTRY...Lucas splinters and coaxes atmospheric guitar parts, providing an instrumental trampoline that allows the singer to soar and improvise."
Record Collector (UK), 10/02