Gary Lucas  
From music critic emeritus Mike Shore:

Disclaimer: Gary quotes me by name in the very first paragraph of the prologue of this book. I'm pleased and privileged to have been friends with Gary for more than 3 decades now. Telling you that right off the top is, I feel, fully in keeping with the spirit of Touched By Grace. What I love so much about this book, what I think makes it so valuable, is that the good folks at Jawbone Press did not over-edit it; it is SO much like literally just sitting and talking with Gary! Being able to hang with such a brilliant guitarist, who's managed to remain a great guy and functioning human, is its own reward. But on top of that, we learn so much from Touched By Grace — about what it means to be a creative musician, and a working musician, and to straddle and oscillate between the worlds of big-bucks corporate record labels (where Gary worked for years as a successful CBS Records copy writer) and low-budget cult stardom. We taste the highs and lows of collaboration with charismatic characters like Don Van Vliet and Jeff Buckley. Gary imparts his hard-won wisdom with an unfailing honesty and lack of pretension that are, by turns and often at once, disarmingly candid, refreshingly myth-busting, and brutally times self-deprecatingly so.  Yes, I am a friend of Gary's, but it is my honest and considered opinion that while he's not as brilliant a writer as he is a guitarist (and given what a phenomenal guitarist he is, that's still pretty high praise!), Touched By Grace is a lot like Gary's nonpareil playing in that it is singular, powerful, and from the heart. Time spent with Touched By Grace is time well spent, and you are sure to come out of it loving and respecting the man and his story as much as his music.