Gary Lucas  
From Caroline, wife of Gary's UK collaborator Tim Watt:

Dear Gary, I am not sure you remember me but I'm Caroline — the girlfriend of Tim Watt who sang with you at Shakespeare and Company in Paris recently. We purchased your book after the performance that night and we proceeded to read it aloud to each other in the evenings together. We have just finished the book and we thought it would be nice to give some praise. We found the book extremely well-written and very addictive! Tim knew a lot about Jeff Buckley and yourself but there was a great deal of information that neither of us knew about which was very interesting to discover. We could really feel how much Jeff meant to you and at the same time sympathize with your struggles at times with the relationship. By the end we were very moved. Thank you for giving an honest insight into this part of your life. On a side note, I must say i really loved the two videos of Mojo Pin and Grace where Tim sings with you. I know he was extremely proud to sing alongside you and to be given such a great opportunity. We watched the videos at my parents' apartment in Paris the other day and the emotion you deliver in the guitar playing is something we can't quite put our finger on exactly but it breathes life into these songs. I wish you and your wife a very happy new year. Maybe we will see you again in Paris sometime.