Gary Lucas  
from Italian Facebook friend Vic Firth: 

I've found your book looking for something that would explain better the work between you and Jeff Buckley. So 
when I read somewhere that Gary Lucas wrote a book about his music with Jeff Buckley I knew that I had found what I was looking for. 
As you said in one of your interviews: "this book is not a biography"; in fact is much more.
Reading it, I often stopped to read again a few sentences, for example when you said that you believe firmly that 99% of success lies in getting noticed. Moreover when you state that "If you have more than one talent and you're good at so many things, people end up focusing on the less successful. There's only pure jealousy". In addition: "The leap from major and minor, blends sweet and bitter, as in life."
You wrote that you adore it, and I adore it too.
So I mentioned these sentences because these thoughts are the same that I've often in my head!
Probably this is one of the reason why I liked the book. I can also say that for young musicians, as me, that want to know more and more about great masters this book is very essential.
To conclude I wanted to say that the chords of "Grace" and “Mojo Pin" and the songs in their complexity are masterpieces. In addition I would really like to have been present at the Greetings from Tim Buckley concert at the Church of Saint Ann, to listen to you play for the first time together!
I'm sorry if I made some mistakes in writing, but I'm Italian!
So, greetings from Italy!