Gary Lucas  
From fan Bill Dubilier on TOUCHED BY GRACE:

I am a Gary fan. Yes Jeff had an amazing voice but I am a guitar freak. I went to many of these shows at the Knitting Factory, Roulette, Tramps, PS122, etc. I even hung out with Gary or Jeff at the gigs. The book is written way after this all happened. It is well written and has some emotional moments I was around for. It reveals a lot about personal struggles and feelings Gary had for his Gods and Monsters singer. Jeff was his own man. The book shows the generation gap between the two and highlights their differences. Common ground was found in the music. Grace, Jeff's only studio album was done with Jeff's own band but Gary was included on The songs Grace an Mojo Pin, for his playing and co-writing. 
I was not aware of the sleazy music business that is portrayed in the book, but I do know about music and that labels have no idea what is good music or know how to market what they have. I am an avid collector and CBS legacy re-issues are a treasure trove of past gems yet the labels only care about numbers. They put out insipid bands while ignoring amazing unknowns. It is the detriment to the industry we are now witnessing. Collectors are putting out reissues on their own only to be harassed by the label owners who don't know what treasures they have. This is true of Beefheart then and Jeff Buckley product now. I think Jeff being a perfectionist would toss in his grave if he knew the stuff labels put out with his name on it. 
Gary will continue on playing whether or not the labels are there. He is a true musician and friend. I hope this is just another chapter in his life. He deserves wider recognition. Check him out. And if you want to hear Jeff really rocking out check out his recordings with Gods and Monsters.