Gary Lucas  
From Music Industry pro Robert Singerman on TOUCHED BY GRACE:

Gary Lucas' recently published book, "Touched By Grace—My Time with Jeff Buckley" summons the bittersweet dedication, passion, love and mysterious twists and turns of profound and temporal music and music business relationships. It's an incisive look at one key collaboration of master musicians in the business life, pursuing their dreams and calling; individually and collectively. Lucas probes his own psyche, telling his story and Jeff's story with empathy, humor, pathos and some distance from the obviously painful effects of a love and collaboration undone. While there is natural remorse, there is also redemption and an implied reconciliation in the pages and in the telling. Deep friendships exist in parallel universes perhaps forever, in dreams, beyond death, as hopefully the music and the grace lasts, too, beyond the questionable choices often made by us humans. Grasping at "reason", trying to understand and retell the stories we are and create give power to forgiveness, of ourselves, our friends, our "enemies", to circumstance and to choice, with the value of it all the remaining presence. Read it and heal the "heart bruises".  

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