Gary Lucas  
Steve Kilbey (leader of Australian rock legends The Church and vocalist in Gary's recent Australian "A State of Grace" Tribute to Tim and Jeff Buckley) on TOUCHED BY GRACE:

"Touched by Grace" is a great read. A real "I couldn't put it down" type of book. Although a huge fan of Jeff Buckley I didn't know much about the guy. Here he comes alive in all his flaky genius and mercurial carrying on. Gary Lucas' story is very heavy on the musical details which I love and the book pulls no emotional punches as Jeff goes through the ups and downs until his tragic and seemingly inevitable end. If you want some insight into the whole Buckley story then I could imagine no better place to start than this very book which certainly spills all the beans on a few crazy years in the early nineties when Jeff and Gary cooked up Grace and Mojo Pin, probably 2 of the most haunting unique and complex songs ever to be framed within rock 'n roll music.

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