Gary Lucas  
Film director Amos Kollek on TOUCHED BY GRACE:

Hi Gary,

So I finished reading your book yesterday. I really liked it, as it gives a fascinating look at the music business from an angle not commonly written. In other words, it is not a biography of a rock 'n roll star but, much more, of a human relationship of a musician of note and a rock star. And so it gives a riveting portrait of 2 men struggling with their demons and the real world. I think the description of your "love relationship" with Jeff Buckley is both touching and real. Despite the fact, that you do not receive from the world, nor from him, all the recognition and respect you rightly deserve, you never stop loving him and trying to be of help. You do not give in to jealousy and bitterness. This is very moving. As is your own saga in the often harsh and ungrateful music world. It is a good book on its own, regardless of my obvious interest in you and Caroline, as friends of long standing. And, by the way, I was happy to find out that your treatment of Caroline in this book is both loving and respectful, as she well deserves.

Anyway, thank you for giving me this beautiful book and more power to you.


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