Gary Lucas  
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Gary Lucas's book is full of honesty and heart,
By S. Villarroel on November 22, 2013
Format: Kindle Edition

It was, as I expected, terribly difficult to put down. I was deeply impressed and in full admiration of the honesty that courses through the book. I felt for Gary, rooted for him and begun to understand more about his time with Jeff. Gary is one of the good guys swimming in a pool of sharks, a rare and much needed quality in the music biz. I felt for Jeff too. I don't think he fully understood the monster until it right up in front of him. Lee Underwood had a few things to say regarding Jeff in his book about Tim Buckley 'Blue Melody' and a similar point about Jeff's lack of songs came across. I first heard Grace before I ever heard Tim Buckley, but I came to love Tim more simply because there were 9 albums to lose myself in. The other lovely thing about Gary's book was being able to envision him as The Guitarist and his role as musician being a wide and beautiful thing. I'm very glad I got to see him live at the Liverpool Philharmonic rooms in 2012. Treated to hear one of the greats up and close. He opens the door to this bitter sweet past. I know it must have cost him emotionally to do it. I am just a well read fan and I wasn't there and I am not truly qualified to comment, but I think I have a good picture and its down to the honesty in this book about his time with Jeff, and Lee's book about Tim Buckley, both which tell a heart story and aren't just Rock Bio's. Gary was so lucky to meet Jeff, and Jeff was so lucky to Gary.
It was SO refreshing. What comes across are real human beings and not music biz facsimiles or projected images. For me the personal and the true are the attractive qualities in the artists I admire.
5 stars because its a book with HEART.