Saturday, April 30, 2005

Repent, Walpurgisnacht

Andre and David Nemec, Walpurgisnacht, Prague, 4/30/05

Click to enlarge (hosted by flickr)

April 30th, and the witches' sabbath is upon us, Faustian bargains are being struck on the Harz Mountains in eastern Germany, bonfires are burning all over central Europe and NYC is an appropriately grey sodden mass of shadows...and I just received an email photo hello from David and Andre Nemec, my 2 Czech friends and brothers in arms who figured prominently in an actual Walpurgisnacht nightmare which swept over us outside Prague like inky tentacles, night's black agents, on April 30th 2002...Faust (Richard Mader, see my last posting) was part of this tale as well...but I will leave that story for another time.

One reader of my weblog has commented on the length of some of my postings; apparently it not being typical blog etiquette to wax so copiously in one go, said average blog communiques being more on the terse side. Oh well...I write 'em like I see 'em...just can't seem to write more of them fast enough. So I figure one long posting every week or so beats several shorter posts...any thoughts on that guys?

Philadelphia was an excellent gig for Gods and Monsters, I love taking these guys out of NYC to tread the boards and they just get stronger and stronger, Michael Schoen in particular has really come into his own as a singer and was breaking hearts right and left with his excellent rendition of our new song "Dream of the Wild Horses".

Tomorrow I'm off to the UK for what promises to be a busy week taking in and bringing forth music in London and Aberdeen Scotland...will keep you posted.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey there Gary! I'm the owner of the blog Vintage Rock, and I must say I was quite surprised to find a link to my blog on your wonderful site.

I must say, I haven't boughten any Gods and Monsters CDs, but I do own a copy of Song to No One since I'm a huge fan of Jeff Buckley. I found it interesting to learn that you helped compose the music to a lot of his songs, most notably "Grace." You are a phenomenal musician and I'm very happy that you like my blog enough to link it. Rest assured, I'll be linking yours up here shortly and visiting often. I wish I lived in New York so I could see your band perform!

Thanks again!---Kristy Parker, real music lover

5/01/2005 2:12 PM  
Blogger Okir said...

Whether long or short, your reports are always interesting and provocative. I repent.

5/02/2005 12:11 AM  

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