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The Essential Gary Lucas
The Ordeal of Civility
(Gary Lucas & Gods and Monsters)
Spanish-language "Dracula"
(with Najma Akhtar)
Waxed Oop
(Fast 'N' Bulbous)
Beyond the Pale
(Gary Lucas Vs The Dark Poets)
Coming Clean
(Gary Lucas & Gods and Monsters)
Pork Chop Blue Around the Rind
(Fast 'N' Bulbous)
The Universe of Absence (with Jozef Van Wissem)
Operators Are Standing By
(with Jozef Van Wissem)
Songs to No One (with Jeff Buckley)
The Edge of Heaven
No Knowledge of Music Required
Street of Lost Brothers
Level the Playing Field
Improve the Shining Hour
Busy Being Born
Bad Boys of the Arctic
Gods and Monsters
Skeleton at the Feast
Live Performances
"The Golem"
Work with Captain Beehfheart
The Universe of Absence FOR THE UNIVERSE OF ABSENCE (with Jozef Van Wissem):

"IN KEEPING WITH THE GUITARIST'S POLICY OF NEVER STANDING STILL MUSICALLY...a totally different affair than The Edge of Heaven but no less compelling...dense, mercurial original tunes. Hard work, but good work".
fRoots (UK), 1/2005

"STUNNING...surprising to hear how well their instruments fit together...sometimes they sound like a modern adventurous form of Bluegrass...wonderfully gets the feeling of being lifted to the dark Medieval ages.
Gonzo Magazine (Belgium), 1/2005

"4 STARS...A MUSIC WHOSE EQUAL IS DIFFICULT TO FIND. They continually come up with melodies never played before and surprising sound elements."
Westzeit (Germany), 12/2004

"4 STARS...NEO-PSYCHEDELIC MASTERPIECE. A pearl of improvisation and psychedelia...a wonderfully rippling soundscape which intrigues from beginning to end."
Heaven (Holland), 12/2004

'PENETRATING a listener one is invited to stroll along across the boundaries of an imaginary universe. And to do this with eyes closed, in a secluded space, with headphones."
Noordhollands Dagblad (Holland), 12/2004

"STUNNING...showcasing a subtle alchemy at work...hallmarked by exquisite interplay...full of energy and colour."
THE WIRE (UK), 10/2004

"4 STARS...truly hypnotizing...a psychedelic universe, a delirium of sound...together they build musical castles in the air where one can freely fantasize."
HET PAROOL (Holland), 10/2004

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